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Alesia is a delightful West Coaster who was once called a “g cold priestess” after exhibiting an uncanny ability to be rude to strangers. Her background in Gucci Mane has landed her a j-o-b at a community based nonprofit focused on ending poverty. In her free time she can be found avoiding youths, writing haikus about bronzer, and talking very loudly about gentrification in wine bars.


Fatima is a broke ass writer. She has a deep commitment to being fly and is a soldier in the fight against the devastating epidemic of Sad Eyebrow Syndrome. Her academic qualifications consist of a Master’s degree in Hateration and a PhD in Side-Eye Studies, among other things. By day, she’s a community development worker and by night she is a rapper. That last part is false. She’s a rapper all day, every day (in her mind). When she ventures outside of the internet, you can find her riding around her city on her bike —which she has named Prince Rogers Nelson —and stuffing her face with tacos.


Aurelia, aka MC Lipgloss, aka DJ Stretch Pants, aka Ghostface Huxtable, is a twentysomething bon vivant spicing up the US East Coast. She majored in screen and stage performance and creative writing, so she could drop a mixtape and be her own video girl, but she started podcasting instead. She has a great day job that’s none of your business, and also can be seen in regional screen and stage endeavors, as well as being an active advocate for social responsibility in arts and entertainment. TL;DR: I am a professional rude girl, and also devastatingly gorgeous, so just trust me.


Ramou is equal parts Midwestern and Bostonian in the sense that she will wave to strangers and drop kick a bro who refuses to take his backpack off on the train in the same day. She studied broadcast journalism and political science at a college on Long Island (a college that is mentioned in a Childish Gambino song in a way that kind of hurts her feelings) with the hopes of becoming Oprah. Her fingers are still crossed. During the day she works with criminals (allegedly) and pretends to be a graduate student by emailing her thesis director every few days with subject lines similar to, “Read this. Validate me.” When she’s not getting her felon or thesis on, she’s writing for HelloGiggles and The Conversation. But really, Googling gifs of kids falling down. She has been a registered member of OkCupid for 5 years. Ramou is single.

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