Aurelia Belfield

Episode 61: Lisa & Amy & Ramou Are Black

In this episode, Ramou is joined by comedy writers  and Amy Aniobi, the hilarious minds behind the web series Lisa And Amy Are Black and writers from blackish (Lisa) and the long-anticipated Issa Rae HBO show,Insecure (Amy). Listen in as Ramou lies back on the therapy couch while Lisa and Amy talk having the confidence to release your inner creative, quickly transition into why Kraft services is heaven on earth, and end with the quest for hardwood floors. 

Episode 60: 2 Fast Car 2 Furious: Aurelia Chats with Jenn Mundia

In this episode Aurelia chats with her friend; NYC based singer-songwriter and self proclaimed Tinder queen, Jenn Mundia. They run down topics like: making it in the music business, Kenyan home cooking, and what its like as a Black girl acoustic artist in a post Tracy Chapman world.

You can check out Jenn's new album "Heads or Tails" as well as the rest of her discography and schedule of live performances at:

Bonus Episode #16: Writer's Roundtable With Stacia Brown & Jessica Tholmer

Cozy on up to the Writer’s Roundtable in this episode as Ramou is joined by Stacia Brown (The Washington PostVulture) and Jessica Tholmer (HelloGigglesWisdom Times). The three talk balancing a writing schedule with those pesky things called DAY JOBS and CHILDREN and LIFE, the phenomenon of the response piece, and how to push through writer’s fatigue.

Bonus Episode #15: Hold On To Your Dreams: Aurelia Chats With Yolanda Rabun

Get ready to get "Inside The #Blacktor's Studio" again as Aurelia chats with Actor's Equity member, recording artist, corporate lawyer, mom and general renaissance woman: Yolanda Rabun ( They talk about what it means to be successful, the very un-glamorous life of a performing artist, and how to rise to the top without falling off a cliff.


BGT EPISODE 59: Wellness is the Wave

We’re talking wellness: ways we’re taking care of ourselves and ways we want to take care of ourselves - including floating in tanks full of salt water and yoga with pop stars who have questionable hair. We also imagine our dream wellness retreat and discuss why alternative medicine is poppin.


BGT EPISODE #58: LIVE FROM AUSTIN ft Austin While Black

BGT EPISODE 58: LIVE FROM AUSTIN ft Austin While Black

We had our first live show during SXSW and were super excited to be joined by Evelyn and Doyin from Austin While Black. We had a very spirited and inspiring conversation on everything from dating to building community. Endless hugs and gratitude to everyone who shared this space with us!