BGT Bonus Episode 8: Nerd Files

In honor of the new season debuting in January, Aurelia and Fatima are on nerd duty this week, discussing all things X-Files, including its stellar trench coat game; why the only black people on it were ghosts, ghouls and goblins; why modern day Scully is probably thriving and Mulder is probably broke due to financial domination; some of their fave episodes and what they’d like to see this time around.

X-Files theme remix used in this episode.


We’re taking a break from current events and all related messiness in favor of some much needed US time. Join us as we each discuss 3 things that we are loving at the moment from face masks to crystals to HAMILTON and the return of Janet Jackson. If we had the juice like Oprah you would totally be getting free Hamilton tickets with this episode! 


Episode 50: Nobody Puts Cookie in a Cage

Episode 49: Tami Winfrey Harris

We're excited to be joined by Tami Winfrey Harris, author of The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America! Join us as we delve into Tami's book and chat about her inspiration, respectability politics, reality tv and wonder when baby oiled up Steve Harvey is going to slide off of the earth. Stay tuned to the end for a special treat!

Episode 48: The Serena Beat w/Britt Julious and Kyrell Grant

We’re talking all things Serena! We discuss Serena dominating life on and of the court, the teachings her father installed in both her and Venus as children while wondering how prepared you can really be for racism and, yeah, making out with Drake over porterhouse steaks (this is BGT, y’all).



Video of Baby Venus
The Meaning of Serena Williams by Claudia Rankine
Serena and Aubrey 4EVR

Bonus Episode #7: #DRAKEWATCH

In this extra special #DRAKEWATCH, Alesia is joined by Senior Drake Correspondent Kyrell Grant and Michelle Ofiwe. We discuss Champagne’s recent feud with Meek Mill (is Drake a bully???), the post-Meek backlash (why???) and of course Queen Nicki. Michelle also gives us some background on her amazing piece, Are We Witnessing the Return of the Hip Hop Girlfriend and we all wonder what’s so bad about being soft? #TEAMVULNERABILTY